Glass Darkly (2020)

In 1941 Holland, two Dutch sisters must deal with the turmoil of their Nazi-occupied town.

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Winner: Best Short Film (Artemis Women in Film, IndieX Film Fest)

Best Director (Pasadena International Film Festival)

Best Thriller Short (indieX Film Fest)

Best Lead Actress: Heavenly Reyna (Lady Filmmakers)

Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Producer, Best Cinematography, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Original Score, Best Sound Design (indieX Film Fest)

Nominations: Best Short Film (Pasadena International Film Festival, Lady Filmmakers)

Best Short of the Season (IndieX Film Fest)

Best Thriller Short (North Hollywood Cinefest)

Best Dark Drama Film (Oregon Short Film Festival)

Best Actress: Heavenly Reyna (Pasadena International Film Festival)

Best Actor: Benjamin Schnau (North Hollywood Cinefest, Lady Filmmakers)

Best Supporting Actress: Tori Griffith (Lady Filmmakers)

Diviner 3000 (2021)


A door-to-door salesman offers a suburban father a new lease on life.

Diviner Poster.jpg

Winner: Best Short Film (Roswell Sci Fi Film Festival)

Best Indie Short (Hollywood Gold Awards, New York Movie Awards, Florence Film Awards)

Nominations: Best Director (Reno Comedy Film Fest)

Best Short Film (Georgia Comedy Film Fest)

Best Comedy Short (Portland Comedy Fest)

EVAC (2021)


An American soldier struggles to liberate an Afghan boy amid the turmoil of the Afghanistan evacuation.


Winner: Best Cinematography

Best Editing

Best Original Score (Collaboration Filmmakers Festival)